I found a hollow in a tree.The mossy tree was so gigantic that I couldn’t even see the canopy when I looked up.I could reach the hollow with my hands,But nothing could be made out in the darkness of the hollow.And that attracted me to it even more.As if to confirm the darkness within,I put myself inside the hollow

I wanted to pour my soul so that it would overflow; no, burst out and erupt from within the darkness. This is the season when new life springs out with greenery.What I have in my hands is a maple leaf colored in crimson, appearing ahead of the seasons.The king of fruits Ananas (pineapple), which depicts the eruption from the hollow space, seems to have also taken on a vibrant scarlet color.

To give it the strength to go up against the gigantic tree,It is important to embody two opposite elements in it and allow them to bring out the best of each other.They may be the same leaves and yet are of different sizes, fresh and old, green and red…

By combining the fresh scarlet leaves with Ananas,I was able to depict strength that held its own against the ancient gigantic tree.

That gave me an uplifting sensation I had never felt before.